Malaysian Dilemma - Chapter 1 - Education

Before heading to the working life, there are a few essential tools that we need; such as Maths, Languages, History, or Science subjects which I don't need to explain the reason why. While other countries have a set of solid structure in their education system, the Malaysian education system do not. There are countless of times where policy maker changes what Malaysian students need and don't need to learn.

Take E.S.T (English in Science and Technology) for example, I couldn't understand why every science student encouraged to take this elective subject (I did drop it because I believe in couldn't give me any benefits). I remember a question that goes like this "whales are m _ _ _ _ _ s" (mammals of course) and I have to fill up those blank. IS THIS REALLY NECESSARY?!! even a primary school student will know the answer to this. We already have English classes but the EST doesn't seems to provide students with a lot of knowledge.

The second unnecessary subject that some Malaysian student have to take is the "Moral" subject. I won't want comment too much on this issue but based on my personal observation throughout my school years, getting good result on your moral studies doesn't make a person's moral value any better.

Geography was made as an elective (after PMR) while History is made compulsory. I personally think that we Malaysian should have the Geography subject included as it will be a critical advantage in our working life. History classes however, I believe they should include more foreign history because there are many important WORLD facts that are not included in the syllabus. 

Politicians and activist plays a role in reforming the education system every once in a while, leaving those poor pitiful students and teachers to crack the brain over the change of system. Take the 'Bahasa vs English' issue for instance, The policy maker do not make a firm decision but instead they listen to the 'Rakyat'. Ok, This seems to look good, but why do I think this was a bad idea? Firstly, the rakyat isn't the professional in the education system, we complain but we might not know the best for ourselves (just like my own opinion, it might be a good thing or it might also be a bad thing). They need to listen to the teachers or better still the people who have a PhD in Educational Learning. Ask them and decide what is the best for the people and stick to that system. If the education system is in a mess, the whole future of Malaysia will be in a mess because educational for our young one is the root to the nation success. So.. Should we do Bahasa? or English? honestly, I prefer English because it is internationally known however I don't mind in Bahasa too as it is our national language. The only issue that I dislike was that it keep changing from Bahasa to English and English to Bahasa again and again. This will cause teachers and students to be confused easily.

Can we have a more solid decision to make a solid educational system in Malaysia? I believe we can!

I hope one day that the educational system in Malaysia will be far more advance than it is today.

Till then... I wish our younger generation all the best!

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