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I've recently spoke to a person studying masters in art therapy and I have to say that it is really incredible to see art as such a powerful tool to be used as a medium to regulate our emotions.

I've also notice that while working on some of my work (Uno The Snail), The amount of stress reduce was tremendous ... I'm saying this as a personal experience and not in term of experimental evidence .

My work:

Playing guitar and singing create peace in my soul and mind. Somehow it also make me more confident.

does the usage of your right brain contribute to your emotion?

I sincerely think so.

Although research has been arguing on that, which I would like to take a stand to that.

The miracle of art .... though is not suitable for some people.

I recommend that one should at least have a go with it and observe the simulation of your mind.

Is the left brain only for Logic, Analytical, Organization and Etc? Well there are many research that shows that there left brain have been contributing an amount to your logical thinking but that isn't necessary. It is not all about logic. sometimes one cannot understand logic without creativity or even organization with a spatial visualization in your mind before hand.

I believe that the logic and creativity is not separate but complement each other.

Either way Art Therapy have prove to work on so many stuff such as the increase of brain activity, increase of hormonal activity or even the increase of immune system.

Dance for instance (in some research) have been proven to have an improve effect on people with mental illness. such as increase on cognitive ability and body movements.

Take a look on some of the latest research what dancing have to offer.

I sincere recommend (if you are interested) to read some of Prof. Peter Lovatt's Research on Dance.

He is a funny yet kind man. I remember showing him my magic trick out of random.

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