If you notice CPA's increasing week over week, what steps would you take?

If you notice CPA's increasing week over week, what steps would you take?

What happen if CPA increases week after week. What action should be taken?

I'm personally not a fan of CPA though I understand it can also bring huge leads to your site.

CPA is you haven't know about it yet is Cost-Per-Action, whereby companies pay a CPA network generate more sales lead.

But there are times where you will notice the increase of prices in CPA marketing.
Here are the few steps that you will need to take;

1) Analyse: Understanding is the key to marketing. You will need to know the affiliate side conversion rate, visitor's interest and your content.

2) Decrease your Maximum Cost or Limit.

3) Start focusing back on your content and your CPL. Try to understand what went wrong. It could be irrelevance of content or just another competitor is bidding a higher amount with the same keyword against you.

4) Collaborate with retail sales to understand what the customer is searching currently. Know what the customer wants will help alot.

5) Once your collected the data of your customer’s interest, build a more specific keyword to your search target. (i.e Harvey Norman Citta Mall)

6) Constantly seek to improve Quality Score through content marketing.

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