What Is Google Quality Score?

Think of it like story book,

People who are interested in “Romance” will want to buy a love based storyline; however, if the content of the book slip off so often to other non-relevant topic, readers will get bored and not want to read it anymore.

"Google" plays a vital part in organizing the readers search for their ideal “book”.
Think of 'Google' as the book storekeeper.

If your book is about ‘LCD’ but it talks more about ‘Smartphone’, then Google will get confused and might eventually put your book into the Smartphone bookshelf. Hence, this will cause search problem because readers who are into Smartphone is not interested to open and read a book the title about LCDs and people who are into LCDs can't read because it is not even in the LCD bookshelf in the first place.

The keyword is = "RELEVANCE"

We all need to consistently provide our site page visitors with relevant information.

If you are scored high is meta relevance, Google will boost your site ranking to the top page of the search engine and it will affect your PPC too!

That said, there are also a few things that Google look at to determine the high score;

1) CTR – Click Through Rate Relevance to the Search
2) Ad Keyword Relevance to the Site
3) Landing Page Quality
4) Page Load Time

5) Geo-Location

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